General Instructions
1- find a relatively quiet space with minimum disturbances
(Please ensure there are no unwilling or disruptive participants)
2- remove shoes, spectacles, and loosen any tight clothing
3- sit comfortably with both hands open, palms up on your lap
4- take a few deep breaths then breathe in an easy relaxed way
5- use the affirmations and hand position sequence as shown
6- this sequence will help you to develop peace and mental silence
‘the space between the thoughts’ leading into complete stillness.
7- if you find it difficult to quieten the mind, repeat the affirmations
sequence and also try the foot-spa clearing technique (see inside)
8- allow your attention to dissolve into the silent space that is just
above your head, and just sit and be in the state of Mental Stillness
9- enjoy the inner peace of mental silence, and stillness, at will
(for 2-20 Minutes, preferably twice a day, morning and evening)